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Norton Rotary

Lands-End To John-o-Groats Speed Run

June 1989


First bike finished in an astonishing 12 hours and 10 minutes, last bike in just under 15 hours due to the rider (Terry Hobbs) crashing and breaking his ribs in Penzance the day before!  887 miles you can work out the averages. We were all entertained by Norton at the factory on the way back. Total raised for St Lukes Hospice was just under £10,000. The 9 Rotaries bikes did 22000 miles (Mostly in the rain) on 2 squirts of wd40.  9 bikes 2 factory development riders. 1 RAC patrolman and 6 privately owned bikes. Owned by members of Plymouth Branch Norton Owners Club and Plymouth British Motorcycle Club 

Where are they all now? 
Thanks to Rob (our Chairman) who took part and organised this run some 25 years ago we have some news paper clippings, showing just how much coverage this received even from Motor Cycle News.