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Affiliations With Other Clubs

Due to the diversity of our club membership, we naturally have links into a number of clubs. Some events we support as a club others as sections of our club.

Below are some of the Owners Clubs Logos which all have links attached to the club's website just run your mouse over the the logo and click. These sites offer support and dating services together with some spares back up. Very useful for those that use their classic bikes.

We also have a number of members who are only to willing to chat about their experiences with motorcycles , includng the trials and tribulations of restoration. Nearly all of us have an ongoing project just come to a Morley meet and join in on a group post mortem.

These one make clubs are normally an excellent part of your classic support network. We can back that up with the local touch and hundreds of years of experience between us. We also have our preferred network of local services and suppliers that we can recommend.The great thing about us is that we are an inclusive motorcycle club.