Plymouth British and Classic MotorCycle Club

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The Club So Far


The club commenced back in 1977. It was formed as the British Motorcycle Owners Club and held the large show on the Hoe each year. 

Terry Hobbs, the former President of the club, was a focal point for all things British. Under his direction and enthusiasm it changed into the Plymouth British Motorcycle Club and grew its membership to over a hundred. The majority of members were between 25-35 so the membership tailed off as family matters took priority.

As grey hair and "me time" became more of a priority the club has again begun to flourish. Interestingly both Triumph and Norton are back in business as well. Obviously the core of the membership has remained throughout and they have seen that the social side of the club is very important, also the major part have seen members experiment with all sorts of motorcycles over the years. Surprise, surprise it doesn't have to be British to be considered a Classic anymore.

We welcome all motorcyclists to join and promote the joys of riding a classic motorcycle. Many British motorcycles are now deemed too valuable and never see the light of day. We are definately of the ridden not hidden persuasion hence our name was changed to Plymouth British & Classic Motorcycle Club.

Here are some of the logos of bikes owned and used by it's members, all of them have become classics in their own right. We welcome you to join us, you can either download a membership application here. Or come along to the Morley for a pint and a chat. There is bound to be someone in the club with the same interest as you, all you have to do is come and say hello.